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Czech Language


For a look into the Czech language, Click and Explore the sections below.

The Czech language is spoken by more than 10 million people in the Czech Republic.  It is very closely related to Slovak, the national language of the Slovak Republic.  In its spoken form, Czech has several dialects.  Among them, the central Bohemian dialect (with Prague as its center) plays an important role: it forms the basis of both the standard literary Czech language and the widely used Czech common language.

With the roots and foundation of Texas Czechs dating back well over 100 years, the Czech language and culture of Texas has not only continued, but has evolved and developed its own unique branches along the way.  Texas Czechs are proud of their language and traditions!

You'll find not only Czech words and phrases, along with translations, but audio files as well to help with pronunciation and learning.
So have a listen and Czech it out!
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