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Czech Videos

Click to watch SPJST Get-Away 2009
in Corpus Christi with Chris Rybak.

Click to watch How to Make Czech Sausage
with Shorty Pavlas and Marvin Zatopek.

Click to watch Lenka & Jarek Galar visit with Judge Ronald Leck. 

Click to watch Basic Czech Phrases Lesson 2  with Jarek & Chris!

Click to watch Eating Kolaches in Texas  with Lenka, Edita & Jarek!

Click to watch Eda & Terka's Basic Czech Phrases -- Lesson 1!

Click to watch Terezie Sedlinska's Tongue Twister's!

Click to watch Fun Czech Lesson 1  with Eda & Terka and Chris Rybak!

Click to watch Basic Czech Phrases Lesson 3 with Jarek & Lenka Galar

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