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Europe Tour June 2 - 14, 2015  NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Hungary (Budapest), Slovakia (Kosice, High Tatras) Czech Republic (Prague, Frenstat, Koprivnice), Germany (Nuremberg & Rudesheim)

In Hungary tour the capital city Budapest with a beautiful view of the river Danube, Parliament Building, Royal Castle, Citadel, and St. Stephen's Basilica. Stop in charming Szentendre, and buy traditional Hungarian souvenirs and try goulash!

In Slovakia tour Kosice, the hometown of Edita Rybak, and view the most important sights including St. Elizabeth*s Cathedral and the downtown square.  Sit at one of the many outdoor biergartens, relax and have a pivo. Or two!   Then take a wooden raft ride in Pieniny Park, try a cable car ride in the High Tatra Mountains, and enjoy the breathtaking views of the valley below!

In the Czech Republic see the Water Mill Valley in Wallachia, tour the Tatra Automobile Works in Koprivnice, see the Texas museums in Lichnov and Frenstat, spas in Karlovy Vary, and party at Koliba Vlcina - Moravian wine, beer, music & grilled chicken!  In Hvozdna, see the local farm and school.  In Prague enjoy a boat cruise on Vltava River, see the beautiful downtown, and walk across the famous 14th century Charles Bridge. Then be treated to a Czech music and folklore show!

In Germany visit Nuremberg, one of Germany's greatest cities.  Tour the Nazi Center, Hitler's Congress Hall (Rome Coliseum copy), Zeppelin Field and main square. In the evening attend a typical German Party with great music and 1 liter mugs of beer! Then tour Rudesheim, a beautiful spa town on the River Rhein, where you will enjoy a cruise through the beautiful countryside!

Call Edita Rybak at (512) 963-6660 for more info and a detailed itinerary.  Or Email: editarybak@hotmail.com

Europe Tour - August 2011

Join Chris & Edita Rybak as they tour Europe with a busload of fans and friends!
Do you like to travel? Do you want to meet new people, enjoy the beautiful scenery of European countries, and learn their traditions? Then don't waste time and join our European Tour August 13 - 25, 2011! The new Europe tour includes Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Liechtenstein, & Switzerland. Lots of music, parties, scenery, kolaches and Slivovice!!!

Call Edita Rybak (512) 963-6660 for more info.
Or Email: editarybak@hotmail.com

Or visit:
www.chrisrybak.com or

 Europe Tour - July 2010

Join Chris & Edita Rybak as they tour Europe with a busload of fans and friends!
Join Chris & Edita Rybak this July 4 - 16, 2010 as they tour 5 amazing countries in Europe - Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary!  Joining you on this fun-filled adventurous trip will be a busload of fans and friends from all over Texas.  While touring, enjoy the beautiful scenery, learn new traditions, and even research where your ancestors came from.  The trip features delicious cuisine, Czech Beer and Kolaches, unbelievable scenery, and music on the accordion ... along with sing-a-longs.

 Call Edita Rybak (512) 963-6660 for more info.
Or Email: editarybak@hotmail.com

Or visit:
www.chrisrybak.com or

 February 14 - 21, 2010 - WOW!  What a party we had on our Valentine Polka Cruise!
Who new we could have sooo much fun on a cruise?!?  Well, we took about 200 of our fans and friends, brought some accordions and slivovice, and rocked the Caribbean for 1 week.  We stopped by Jamaica, Cayman Islands, and Cozumel, Mexico ... had rum, beer, and tequila ... and lots of activities including dances, Tarocky, dominoes, dance lessons, jam sessions, sing-a-longs.  And for entertainment ... Chris & Edita Rybak, Bernard Tupa ... and special guests from Slovakia (Edita's schoolmates) - Lucia and Renata!

So when is our next cruise!  Stay tuned and keep watching!

Call Edita Rybak (512) 963-6660 to be contacted for the next cruise!
Or Email: editarybak@hotmail.com

 June 2009 - Join Chris & Edita Rybak in Europe with a busload of fans and friends!
Have you always wanted and dreamt about going to Europe?  Well now is the time to go!  Join Chris & Edita Rybak as they tour 5 amazing countries in Europe - Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Italy, and the Vatican.  The trip features delicious cuisine, Czech Beer and Kolaches, unbelievable scenery, and music on the accordion and trumpet ... along with sing-a-longs.  While touring, enjoy the beautiful landscapes, learn new traditions, and even research where your ancestors came from.
So dust your luggages off and call us today!
Contact Edita at (512) 963-6660 or editarybak@hotmail.com for more info.

 July 2008 - Chris & Edita Rybak toured Europe with a busload of fans and friends!
Chris & Edita Rybak toured 5 amazing countries in Europe - Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria and Germany.  They were joined on this fun-filled adventurous trip with a busload of fans and friends from all over Texas.  While touring, they were able to enjoy the beautiful scenery, learned new traditions, and even researched where their ancestors came from.  The trip featured delicious cuisine, Czech Beer and Kolaches, unbelievable scenery, and music on the accordion and trumpet ... along with sing-a-longs.

 A new DVD is now available from this trip called European Tour 2008!  You will feel like you're on the bus with everyone ... touring around Europe!  So grab your copy, along with a Pivo, and Czech it out!

Click on and browse the map of the Czech Republic.

Hello World Travelers!

Here are several items that you need to know before you go to Europe:
1.  At this point, the international airlines, have these luggage requirements/restrictions.  If something changes, I will let you know.
- You are allowed to check in 2 baggage items free-of-charge50 lb maximum per item. 
- If an item weighs more than 50 lb (and less than 70 lb), about a $75 one-time fee will be applied. 
- The dimensions of your luggage must not exceed 62 inches = height + length + width. 

As for carry on luggage in the cabin,  you may take 1 piece of baggage (measuring a maximum of 22 X 14 X 10 inch) + 1 accessory (examples: handbag, laptop computer, camera, etc.) weighing a total of 26 lb maximum. 

You can check this website out for more tips at the airport:
Here are some other links to check out - general info about the Houston Intercontinental Airport, as well as parking, security etc.
The website for Air France is:
2.  Clothing:
During the flight:
Loose, simple clothing will not only make for a more comfortable flight, but it will keep you from having to peel off all of those layers at the security gate. Any metal decorations, such as a belt buckle or jewelry will have to be removed at the security counter. One option is to place all metal, keys and loose change in a container or plastic bag in your carry-on prior to arrival. This will help streamline your check-in process. Another key component of your wardrobe is your shoes. Plan to take them off unless you’re wearing flip-flops, otherwise a pair of slip-ons may be your best bet the next time you hit the airways. 
In Europe:
In the summer, the temperatures may rise up to +86F, on some sunny and hot days even up to 95 - 99F. There may be warm nights with temperatures above 70F.  However, if the cold front comes, the temperatures can lower to 50 - 60F.
That translates, that you can bring some comfortable summer clothes and shoes, but be prepared for cooler or rainy weather too - jacket, raincoat/pocket umbrella, jeans ...
Please go to this link for additional travel tips for common clothing, etc.
4.  Electricity - European voltage and frequency are not the same as in the USA, and the plugs are different. The United States uses 110-volt electricity. In Europe they are using 220-volt electricity. Unless your appliance is dual voltage, you need to use a "converter" or a "transformer" to change the 220-volt electricity into 110-volt electricity. If your appliance is dual voltage, you can switch it to work on 220-volts, without a transformer or converter (but you will need a plug adapter in order to plug your appliance into the foreign outlets).  The converter/transformers are about $20 - $40.
Here is a link to the walmart website, where you can check out more info on this converter (check at your local Radio Shack or Walmart)
5.  Calling Internationally: To call North America, just dial 001 and then the American number (area code then local number).

6.  Credit or debit card - to get cash from an ATM in Europe, it's still the least expensive and most convenient way to get local currency.  The most accepted credit/debit cards are VISA and MasterCard.  Make sure you know your PIN number. 
As for cash, it's a good idea to carry some with you for convenience.  You will be able to exchange US Dollar to other currency as needed.
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