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Jak se mas?

Jak se mas? That's how you say "how are you?" in Czech!

Jak se mas? is the Czech version of "how are you?". It's a commonly used phrase with Czechs in the US and a great way to start a conversation with someone of Czech heritage.

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So what exactly is "jak se mas?" 
"Jak se mas" is the Czech version of "what's up" meaning "how are you doing?".  In the United States, it's commonly used between people of Czech Heritage, and those who are just exploring and getting into Czech Culture.  In Texas, it is especially common to spot this greeting on bumper stickers throughout the state.

In the Czech Republic however, the "jak se mas" phrase is used more often between friends. The formal way, or when addressing more than one person, is "jak se mate".
So anyway .... Jak se mas?  :)
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