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MAY 2024



 May 6 - 202024 


6 European Countries within 15 days 

Bus part: Austria, Czech Republic
Cruise part: Greece, Turkey, Israel, Cyprus 


Monday, May 6
Depart from Houston airport and fly in direction of Europe, Czech Republic, Prague.
Tuesday, May 7
Arrival in Prague. The luxury bus with attendant team (including your Czech tour guide) will be waiting for you at the airport and then welcome you aboard the bus with a shot of CZECH SLIVO and take you straight to the world-famous spa town of Karlovy Vary, also known by its English name of Carlsbad. Check-in our hotel located on the spa colonnade. This town lies in a green valley of the river Teplá (meaning "Warm") and its setting alone gives it an atmosphere of beauty and peace.
Wednesday, May 8
We will spend the entire day in this beautiful and relaxing town which has been recapturing its former glory with its Baroque and Art Nouveau buildings being restored and people rediscovering all the town has to offer. We will have a guided walk thru the spa pedestrian zone, which will end up in the famous Becherovka museum. In this building started production of the unique Czech Herbal liquor already in 1867. After touring you will be treated with a lunch in a themed restaurant in the cellar of the building. In the afternoon you can go shopping, relax at the hotel, or just wander thru the spa colonnade. If you want some more adventure, the optional program will be to drive by funicular (special cable car) and then take a short walk to see the Statue of Chamois on top of the hill, overlooking the amazingly beautiful spa colonnade!
Thursday, May 9
Leave for Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic! You will have an option to do a walking tour of the tourist highlights of Prague - beginning with Prague Castle and then on to St. Vitus CathedralHradcany quarter, walk across the famous 14th century Charles Bridge with a gorgeous view of the Prague Castle, then continue to Old Town Square to see the Astronomical clock. We will end the tour at Wenceslas Square, which has historically been the site of many events including the 1989 Velvet Revolution demonstrations. Or you can be just dropped off in the center of Old Prague where you will have countless possibilities how to spend your time - wander and shop at the numerous stores or drink a local Czech beer in one of the many beer gardens or pubs which this city offers. Check-in our hotel in the afternoon. In the evening, take a historical tram ride thru the old town of Prague all the way to the Vltava River, where you will certainly enjoy a 2-hour boat cruise including buffet dinner – all while viewing the illuminated beauties of Prague along the river by night!
Friday, May 10
Leave Prague in the direction of South Moravia. On the way stop in Kutna Hora, the silver treasury and a true gem of the country which was present at the very start of the boom in the Czech Kingdom. We will visit one of the most famous Gothic churches and UNESCO World Heritage site - Cathedral of St. Barbara. It symbolizes the power and importance of the mining city, which is linked to deposits of silver ore. The cathedral is consecrated to none other than the patron saint of all miners, St. Barbara. Construction of this architectural gem took five hundred long years. Just outside of Kutna Hora lies the world-renowned ossuary at Sedlec, a medieval Gothic chapel that for centuries has stood on the remains of 40,000 people, offering a quiet reminder of the transience of human life and the existence of death. Today, visitors from around the world are astonished by its bizarre decorations made from human bones in the form of chandeliers, a pyramid, crosses and coats of arms. Then we will get back on our bus which will take us to one of the most beautiful regions in the Czech Republic, South Moravia, known for beautiful countryside and world-known wines. Our hotel lies in the heart of this wine region so we will be welcomed in our hotel’s private wine cellar with great Moravian music and wine, as we party the evening away!

Saturday, May 11
Our first goal of today will be a drive to Spilberk Castle situated on the hilltop in Brno, second largest city in the Czech Republic after Prague. Its castle construction began as early as the first half of the 13th century by the Premyslid kings. From a major royal castle established around the mid-13th century, and the seat of the Moravian margraves in the mid-14th century, it was gradually turned into a huge baroque citadel considered the harshest prison in the Austrian Empire, and then into barracks. In the afternoon we will learn about the production of wine in one of the top wineries of the region. Sampling of the wine cannot be skipped!
Sunday, May 12
Early in the morning we will depart our hotel to the airport in Vienna, Austria where our 2-hour flight will take us to Athens, Greece. Here will be waiting our transfer bus which will take us from the airport straight to the port city of Piraeus to embark our ship MSC Musica for a 7-day cruise in the Mediterranean Sea. Check-in our balcony cabins, security training, tour of the ship, and time to relax. Or have a drink or more with the All-Inclusive beverage package included in your tour!
Monday, May 13
Santorini, Greece 8AM – 6PM
Santorini, a Cyclades Island was formed from the remains of a volcanic caldera which is evident in its rugged geology. Santorini is famous for its sheer cliffs, red beach, and whitewashed houses that contrast strikingly against the blue Aegean Sea. The island is also home to ancient archaeological sites, hot spring swimming, and stunning wineries. The iconic village of Oia lies on an edge of the volcanic caldera overlooking the shimmering Mediterranean Sea. Here you can admire its picturesque houses which are carved into the cliffs, iconic blue-domed churches and take in the magnificent views while exploring little shops, cafes, wineries or little Greek Taverns.
Tuesday, May 14
Kusadasi, Turkey 8AM – 6PM
A witness to some of the world’s most powerful empires, including Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman, Turkey is abundant with ancient relics and UNESCO World Heritage sites. It’s a country renowned for its sweeping ocean vistas, bustling souks, archaeological wonders, and stark Saharan landscapesKusadasi and Ephesus, two of its seaside towns, one a glamorous beach resort overlooking the glittering Aegean Sea, the other an age-old commercial center full of captivating antiquities. Ephesus, a city that’s peppered with romantic remains spanning classical Greece to the Roman Empire. Spend the day admiring artifacts in the Archaeological Museum, cast your gaze over the countryside from Ayasuluk Fortress, soak up the sun at the Great Theatre, or marvel at one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: the majestic Temple of Artemis. Or make a pilgrimage to Virgin Mary House where it’s purported St. Marymother of Jesus, spent the last years of her life. Rediscovered in the 19th century by a Roman Catholic nun, the venue is now a sacred place to pay a visit and features a wishing well, baptismal pool, enchanting chapel, and cobbled courtyard garden.
Wednesday, May 15
DAY AT SEA!!!  Spend the day relaxing, resting, and enjoying amenities of the ship.  Then PARTY ON THE SHIP!

Thursday, May 16
Haifa (Jerusalem), Israel 6AM – 10PM
Haifa is the gateway to discover the splendor of Israel’s cities such as Jerusalem as well as fascinating places full of history like Bethlehem. Crossroads between East and West, it is a crucial junction for the new Silk Road trades. The Israeli city of Jerusalem and the small Palestinian town of Bethlehem are ready for discovery on an MSC Cruises excursion. After a scenic coach ride to the Holy City, you’ll visit some of the most significant sites in the world. Walking through Jerusalem’s old town, admire the Jaffa Gate, the "Via Dolorosa", the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the ancient Western Wall. Next, proceed to Bethlehem to visit the Church of the Nativity, the birthplace of Jesus Christ. One of other excursions can take you to Nazareth, the childhood home of Jesus according to the New Testament. Inside the city, visit the Basilica of the Annunciation, a church built on the site where Gabriel announced the birth of Jesus. Next, visit the ruins of the old town of Carpenaum, home of the synagogue where Jesus taught on the Sabbath and prayed. To finish off this excursion, visit Tagbha and climb up to the Mount of Beatitudes, the hill from where Jesus gave his “Sermon on the Mount”.
Friday, May 17
Limassol, Cyprus 8AM – 3PM
Sitting on the stunning Cypriot coastline, Limassol makes for a fascinating destination. The city is celebrated for its medieval castlewaterfront sculpture park, and vast array of museums. Beyond Limassol lies the fascinating town of Paphos and a host of natural and archaeological wonders including Millomeri Waterfalls and Apollo’s Sanctuary. The historic town of Paphos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is known for 3rd-century mosaics at the preserved ruins of the House of DionysusSaint Neophytos Monastery with a 12th-century 'Egkleistra' carved out of a mountain by the hermit Neofytos. Here, Byzantine frescoes and marvellous murals decorate the cave. Travelling back to Limassol, cast your gaze upon Aphrodite’s Rock, the legendary birthplace of the goddess of love.
Saturday, May 18
Mykonos, Greece 4PM – 2AM
During the 18th-century, Mykonos’ maze of tangled lanes would confuse even the most well-travelled pirates. Nowadays pretending to get lost in these winding alleys makes for a day of entertainment! It is known for its romantic Greek Island glamour. See brilliant beaches, turquoise waters, and picturesque whitewashed villages. In the town of Mykonos, you can explore glamourous whitewashed houses on narrow streets, visit the world-famous Venetian windmills which date back to the 16th century. Used to grind wheat, these rustic structures were a fundamental part of the island’s former economy. Today, they provide a great photo opportunity, so remember to bring your camera!
Sunday, May 19
Arrival to Piraeus, port of Athens. Disembark the ship and board our bus with local tour guide who will take us on a sightseeing tour around Athens and its main attractions. As we drive from Piraeus to Athens, our guide will point out the main ancient and modern sites including Hadrian's arch, the statue of Lord Byron, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Constitution Square, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Our tour will continue past the National Gardens, the Panathenaic Stadium, the Academy, the University, and the National Library. We cannot miss the mythological Acropolis. Among various other examples of classical Grecian architecture, the site is home to the world-famous Parthenon, a huge temple dedicated to the ancient Greek goddess, Athena, and one of the world's greatest cultural monuments. Then we will proceed to Plaka, a historical quarter of Athens. Affectionately known as the ‘Neighbourhood of the Gods’, its maze of old streets is nestled around the northern and eastern foothills of the Acropolis. You will have some time for free exploration or for shopping. Then the bus will take us to our hotel where we will check-in for one night.
Monday, May 20
Departure home from the airport in Athens on a flight to Houston. HOME SWEET HOME!
Itinerary subject to change depending on availability.

FOR MORE INFO: Contact EDITA RYBAK at (512) 963-6660 or EMAIL:  editarybak@hotmail.com




DECEMBER 12 - 21, 2023




Tuesday, December 12

Depart from Houston airport and fly in direction of Europe, Germany, Munich.

Wednesday, December 13

Arrival in Munich, Germany. The luxury bus with attendant team (including your tour guide) will be waiting for you at the airport and take you to the first destination which is the downtown area of Munich. Munich is the center of economic and cultural activity in southern Germany - it's one of Germany’s most attractive cities where every year the largest beer festival Oktoberfest takes place. We will have lunch at the famous beer house – the Hofbräuhaus which dates from 1589. This is the favorite place where everyday 17,500 mugs of beer in 1 liter tankards are served! Spend the rest of the day in the historical center of Munich, shop Christmas gifts and souvenirs, or just enjoy the Christmas atmosphere at the Christmas Markets!  We’ll then check-in our hotel in the heart of this beautiful city!

Thursday, December 14

Leave Munich for the Czech Republic. On the way, still in Germany stop in Regensburg. Regensburg, sitting astride the Danube River in Southern Germany, is one of Europe's best preserved medieval towns. Largely spared damage from World War II, its cobbled streets, fabled stone bridge and 14th century architecture have earned it status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city's history goes back to the time of Marcus Aurelius, and remnants of its Roman history are evident in stone walls and the arched Porta Praetoria. The Dom St Peter recognizable by its gothic spires and the 11th century bridge Steinerne Brucke, the first solid structure to span the Danube belong to many of the main sights worth seeing in Regensburg. Regensburg has rightly been named the Christmas-market capital, and its Christmas Market is internationally acclaimed as one of the best and most popular, with its impressive setting in the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Free time at the Christmas markets and continue on our way to the Czech Republic – Prague. After checking-in our hotel we will attend a folklore show at U Marcanu, where you can enjoy a great program with examples of typical dances and playing different instruments, as well as enjoy the wonderful atmosphere & an unforgettable wine experience!

Friday, December 15

In the morning, we will have a guided walking tour of Prague - beginning with Prague Castle and then on to St. Vitus CathedralHradčany Quarter, and the Church of Our Lady Victorious which houses the famous wax statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague. We will walk across the famous 14th century Charles Bridge and continue on to Old Town Square to see the Astronomical clock and also admire the tallest Christmas tree in the Czech Republic. Spend some time at the Christmas markets. Lunch in this area. We will end the tour at Wenceslas Square, which has historically been the sight of many events, including the 1989 Velvet Revolution demonstrations. You will have free time for individual sightseeing and great shopping at the numerous stores lining the square. In the evening, a historical tram will take us through Prague to enjoy the city’s beauty! Then we join our beautiful boat cruise on the Vltava River, including a buffet dinner! See the beauties of the capital – beautifully illuminated Prague Castle, Vyšehrad-Upper Castle, National Theater and other amazing sights of Prague at Christmas!

Saturday, December 16

Leave for the Moravian part of the country, more accurately the Wallachian region, which lies in a hilly country in the eastern part of Moravia. This region is known for its specific culture. But for many Texans it is a place where their ancestors came from as it is a region with the biggest emigration to Texas from the whole Moravia. We will arrive in the town of Roznov pod Radhostem in the afternoon and visit a live Nativity Scene in the famous Wallachian Little Wooden Town, an open-air museum which lets you take a look at the way of life in a small town from the middle of the 19th century to the first quarter of the 20th century.  We will check-in our resort hotel with pool, sauna, and hot tub. Then we will have a PARTY IN THE EVENING with Czech music at the local Koliba (with special guest 'Accordion Cowboy' Chris Rybak) – at an authentic Wallachian restaurant!

Sunday, December 17

Leave for Slovakia. On the way to the city of Košice (Edita's hometown) in the eastern part, we will have a stop in the High Tatra Mountains, the highest Slovakian mountain range! If weather permits, we will take a cable car which operates in the lower section from Tatranská Lomnica (2963 ft above sea level) to Skalnaté Pleso (5745 ft above sea level). Skalnaté Pleso is one of the most popular locations in the Tatras and a good starting point for several hiking trips. You can also view the beautiful mountain lake situated right under the cliff  of  Lomnický  Štít,  the  second highest peak of Slovakia and enjoy breathtaking views of the valley below. Be ready for some cold and snow!
Continue on the way through this magical and beautiful winter wonderland to Košice and check-in our hotel.

Monday, December 18

Tour the beautiful city of Košice which is the second most important city in the country situated not far from the borders of Hungary, Poland and Ukraine. The historical core of Košice represents the biggest reservoir of historical monuments in Slovakia. In terms of art and history, the most valuable buildings are situated around the original Middle Age Square – present Main Square. View the most important sights including St.
Elizabeth’s Cathedral built in the Gothic style. Leisure time in the afternoon to spend the day at charming Christmas Markets on the square! Shop in numerous stores or just relax at hotel situated in the city center. And then PARTY in the evening!

Tuesday, December 19

Departure to Poland, stop enroute in Zakopane. Zakopane is a resort town in southern Poland, at the base of the Tatra Mountains. It’s a popular departure point for winter sports and summertime mountain climbing and hiking. The town is also known for its turn-of-the-20th-century wooden chalets, symbols of Zakopane-style architecture, one of the most famous streets in Poland - Krupowki street - the main pedestrian zone of Zakopane full of shops along with many amazing restaurants and banks. Filled with tourists, horse carriages and street performers, it's always bustling with life and especially in the Christmas Time! Continue on the way to Krakow, one of the largest and most attractive cities in Poland! Check-in our hotel.

Wednesday, December 20

We will start the day with a guided tour of the wonderful Wieliczka Salt Mine located just short distance from Krakow and which includes some 205 miles of galleries on nine levels. The immense salt deposit was first mined around 1290. You can see a number of chapels and chambers decorated with sculptures carved in salt. Then we will take you back to the main square of the Old Town of Krakow which dates back to the 13th century, and at (9.4 acres) is the largest medieval town square in Europe! The main square is a square space surrounded by historic townhouses and churches. The center of the square is dominated by the Cloth Hall (Sukiennice), rebuilt in 1555 in the Renaissance style, topped by a beautiful attic or Polish parapet decorated with carved masks. Rising above the square are the
Gothic towers of St. Mary's Basilica. Besides other historical monuments on the square you can admire beautiful Christmas Markets with medieval atmosphere for the rest of the afternoon or rest and get ready for the flight back home. Dinner at the hotel in the evening.

Thursday, December 21

Depart from Krakow airport early in the morning heading back to Houston, HOME SWEET HOME!
* Itinerary subject to change depending on availability. *

FOR MORE INFO: Contact EDITA RYBAK at (512) 963-6660 or EMAIL:  editarybak@hotmail.com

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