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 Edita Rybak  Edita Rybak


I was born in the former Czechoslovakia in the town called Košice.  In 1993, the country split in two countries, now called the Czech Republic and Slovakia.  Košice is located in the eastern part of Slovakia.

In 1997 I came to Texas for the first time for a visit and shortly after met Chris who I later married.  It was Chris who introduced me to the “Texas style” of Czech music and Czech heritage.  I was very surprised when I came here by the passion of Czechs living in Texas how they were keeping their traditions alive, having Czech festivals and picnics and singing Czech songs. While being a part of these Czech events and activities, people kept coming up to me and asking me questions like “How do you say this in Czech?”, or telling me “I used to speak it and forgot it”.  This interest of people in wanting to expand their proficiency in the language gave me the idea of creating the “online world” for Czechs living in Texas where they can meet up and find what they are looking for.

That’s when I got together with Chris and Bernard to turn the idea into reality: the creation of the website which includes various Czech events, history, recipes, and especially language and music.  Welcome to www.texasczechs.com.

   Chris Rybak    
Chris Rybak


My interest in music was no doubt instilled in me by my parents taking me along with my Dad's band at his many performances.  At first I was mesmerized with the trumpet.  Before long, my interests moved to piano, and then on to the accordion by the age of 12.  During my teenage years, I played for the Hallettsville High School marching band on trumpet and accordion.  I recorded my first cassette tape at the age of 15, and by 18, I already had three recordings and hundreds of performances under my belt, including Moravia and Shiner Picnics.  That's when I realized that my love of music had a big potential and I wanted to share it with audiences across the world.

In 1993, I received the NEW DAWN AWARD from the Texas Polka Music Association.  This was in recognition of my determination in spreading not only the love of Polka music, but Czech culture as well.  In 1998, I was nicknamed the “Accordion Cowboy” while being a featured entertainer aboard the Caribbean cruise liner Enchanted Isle.  And in 1999, I signed a record contract with Mike Daily of Glad Music, best known in his role as steel guitarist for country legend George Strait.  The Glad Music label helped to extend my fan base and have my music branch out to an even wider audience.

In 2006, I also became a Product Specialist for the Roland V-Accordion Series and I’m demonstrating their digital accordions across the US.
In 2008, the website www.texasczechs.com
was born and I’m glad to be a part of the team.  Through my energetic accordion playing and love of Czech culture and music, I’m hoping to bring the accordion back as a mainstream instrument, and also to keep the Czech folk traditions alive for generations to come.

 Bernard Tupa Bernard Tupa


Although I was interested in Czech music at an early age, I got my first good taste of Czech music when I became the lead trumpeter for the Vesely Playboys of Ganado. This was way back in 1956 when I was a sophomore in High School.

During my time with the Vesely Playboys, I scripted the parts for the second trumpet, accordion, and saxophone.  Playing for weddings was most enjoyable during those Vesely years.  While playing halfback for the Ganado Indians, I received an injury that led to my last performance which was bringing in the new year in the early hours of 1960.

In 2004, I had the good fortune to meet up with Chris and Edita, which led to my first public performance in 45 years, bringing in the new year of 2005 at the Mustang Hall, sitting in with Leroy Rybak and his Swinging Orchestra.  I am now a member of Leroy's band, and I occasionally sit in with Chris.  While I didn't play in a band for all of those years, my love of the Czech music never dimmed.  And now a new chapter begins, being able to be a part of the www.texasczechs.com

 Bernard Tupa Terka Sedlinská


Terezie "Terka" Sedlinská is from Brno, Czech Republic.  She was an exchange student in Hallettsville, TX at the Sacred Heart School during the fall of 2008, staying with Mrs. Evelyn Konvicka.  During her stay, she was introduced to Edita Rybak, who then helped tour her around Texas.

Terka had a unique perspective on current culture and events of the Czech Republic, and always enjoyed sharing them.  It was because of this that she became part of the www.texasczechs.com team.  She contributed to several sections while visiting in Texas, including her famous Tongue-Twisters section, along with Czech Last Names, and the Basic Phrases One Video.

Currently, Terka is back home in Brno, Czech Republic.   She is still part of the
team, now as our Czech Consultant, and we are very thankful for her continued contributions.
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